Sunday, January 1, 2017

Apparently I Can't Wait.....

two more years to purchase a new rig.

We just placed our order for an Arctic Fox 35-5Z Fifth Wheel Trailer !  It is scheduled for delivery sometime in late April 2017.

Next up, ordering the truck to pull it with.  Our 2005 Ford F250 doesn't have quite enough power to keep me happy.  Ford vs Dodge?  We'll  have to make a decision on this soon.  Right now, Ford is leading the race because the new Dodge Trucks have a passenger head rest that just hits me in the wrong place, pushing my head slightly forward in a very awkward and uncomfortable position.

Although I probably will not be updating this blog on a regular basis until we actually start camping again, a few subjects I hope to tackle over the next few months include planning and budgeting for the RV lifestyle, campground memberships, keeping or selling the Sticks and Bricks home, and other topics that often come up in camping/RV circles.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on blog topics, RVs, towing and towed vehicles, etc.

Have you found your Paradise yet?