Sunday, January 1, 2017

Apparently I Can't Wait.....

two more years to purchase a new rig.

We just placed our order for an Arctic Fox 35-5Z Fifth Wheel Trailer !  It is scheduled for delivery sometime in late April 2017.

Next up, ordering the truck to pull it with.  Our 2005 Ford F250 doesn't have quite enough power to keep me happy.  Ford vs Dodge?  We'll  have to make a decision on this soon.  Right now, Ford is leading the race because the new Dodge Trucks have a passenger head rest that just hits me in the wrong place, pushing my head slightly forward in a very awkward and uncomfortable position.

Although I probably will not be updating this blog on a regular basis until we actually start camping again, a few subjects I hope to tackle over the next few months include planning and budgeting for the RV lifestyle, campground memberships, keeping or selling the Sticks and Bricks home, and other topics that often come up in camping/RV circles.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on blog topics, RVs, towing and towed vehicles, etc.

Have you found your Paradise yet?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Paradise defines paradise as a place of extreme beauty, delight or happiness and also a state of supreme happiness or bliss.

Anyone who embraces travel, exploration and art can easily understand this state of being.  It is also easy to understand why we continue on, always searching for more.

As a bit of background for those of you that may be unfamiliar with my other blogs ( Betsy's Blah Blah Blog and RV-Virgins ), my husband Kim and I retired in 2009, bought our very first RV - a 5th wheel - and intended to set off exploring the USA.  Just after we got started, we learned that both our daughter and our daughter-in-law were pregnant.  Kim had grown up in a home where grandparents were actively involved in his life.  Both sets of my grandparents did not live close by, and so I saw them primarily on the holidays and for a week during the summer.  I knew I wanted to be a more hands-on grandma.  We made the decision to put traveling off for a few years.  We hit the road again in the spring of 2012, and sure enough both girls announced they were pregnant again.  Back home we came.  We decided to tackle some maintenance that was needed on the 5th wheel while we were home.  To make a long story short (it is well documented in the RV-Virgins blog), we ended up selling that rig because the repairs were beyond what we could do on our own, and the cost would be more than the trailer was worth.  Of course, immediately after selling it, I got itchy feet.  That was months ago.  My feet are still itching.

Complicating things in a good sort of way, we made the commitment to be "Grandma and Grandpa Daycare" for one of our grandsons (age 3).  Daycare is so darned expensive!  I don't know how people do it.  At any rate, our commitment does not include summer time, winter or spring vacation.  What this means to me is that I have 3 ½ months, plus weekends, that I can devote to travel, exploration and art.

To be honest, I never would have considered myself a camper.  It was not something I did growing up.  Camping was staying at Motel Six rather than the Hilton.  When Kim talked me into buying the 5th wheel, I had no idea how much I would love that life style.  It will be two more years before the grandson we watch starts all-day kindergarten.  At that point, his mom will make use of The Boys and Girls Club for before and after school daycare for him and his brother.  Between now and then, Kim and I will have to make a decision about whether or not we want another fifth wheel, or do we look at motor homes.  Do we buy new or pre-owned?

Can I wait two years to replace a rig?  I'm too old for tent camping, or rather the camping I like to do involves a regular bed and bathroom facilities.  Oh and a TV with satellite, and recliners!  The immediate question now is whether or not we downsize the bricks and sticks house, buy something smaller and then get something pre-owned for camping on weekends and during the summer months.  I would not be quite so picky if I knew it was an interim rig.  Or do we just wait  until the bricks and sticks house is sold, and buy what we know we would want to live in full time, which is the ultimate goal.

Paradise (happiness and bliss) is where you find it.  Right now I find it at home with my family.  Soon I hope to be exploring a few of the beautiful places near home too.